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Mesa Women’s Health offers a range of obstetric, gynecology, and surgical services – as well as 3- and 4-dimensional ultrasound services where family members can view their baby in utero.

Mesa Women’s Health is operated by Dr. Kevin K. Howell, a doctor of osteopathic medicine with more than 50 years of experience specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. Howell strives to provide not only quality care, but a welcoming and personalized experience for his patients as well. Howell prides himself on getting to know well his pregnant patients long before labor begins.

As the office’s only physician, “there’s a lot of continuity of care,” he explains. Howell sees women throughout their prenatal care and is there for the birth of their babies.

Dr. Howell relocated to the Grand Valley 24 years ago, bringing his family from San Francisco in search of a safer, slower-paced community in which he and his wife could raise their children. “We came out here and fell in love with the community like I think everybody else does,” he says. His love for the community is evident in his practice.

Mesa Women’s Health houses the highest quality 3D ultrasound machine on the Western Slope, says Howell. He does not limit access to his ultrasound machine to only his patients.

Anyone looking for high quality images of their baby is welcome to make use of the machine. If there appears to be a problem with a fetus, the woman’s physician is notified.

“It’s actually a 4D ultrasound,” Howell explains, “and the fourth dimension is time,” meaning the images move. The GE Voluson machine provides a series of three-dimensional moving images, similar to a video.

With the ultrasound it is possible to see not only the baby moving its arms and legs, but the baby’s facial features and smiles as well. The images produced are incredibly detailed and comparable to how the baby appears after birth. “It’s exactly what they look like,” he says. “It’s not some created computer image that’s not going to resemble your baby at all, it’s actually extremely accurate.”

A board certified ultrasound technician operates the machine and understands fetal anatomy, and how to position the patient to get the best images to do the scans.

Mesa Women’s Health exhibits both the professionalism and the care that makes the Grand Valley such a welcoming place to call home.